The Authors

Audry Sibindi (Msipa) Story

She was born in November 1981 at Monomotapa Hospital in Gweru, Zimbabwe. She went to Thornhill Primary School and later completed her GCSEs and A 'levels at Thornhill High school from 1995 till 2000. Her father Lucas, was and still is a brick layer and her mother Margaret was a homemaker up to her death in 2016 following a fatal car accident.

The young Audry grew up in Gweru in a large impecunious family of 8, her father had two wives. Growing up she was encouraged by her parents to study so that she could have a better future. Books became her friend, achieving high grades at primary and secondary education.

She migrated to UK in year 2001 to study Adult Nursing at University of West of England. On qualifying in 2004, she has worked as a healthcare professional on several acute and community care settings. She is currently working as a part-time Critical Care Nurse.

Having lived in Diaspora for the past 18 years, her own experiences and challenges of living in Diaspora sparked her collaborative work with Grace Maworera for sharing the stories of others in the same position. This led to this first book being published in 2018, “Tales of Living in Diaspora”, from 16 anonymous contributors currently living in Diaspora. 

On her spare time, she enjoys networking, baking, reading and travelling. She currently lives with her partner in Somerset, UK.

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Grace Maworera's Story

Grace Maworera was born in September 1979 in Bindura, Zimbabwe. She lived in Bindura until the age of three, then moved to Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. Growing up she enjoyed reading and writing stories. Grace completed her primary education in Harare. She then went to a boarding school (Kriste Mambo) in Rusape for secondary education. After her A’level education she took up a job in a bank and worked as a bank teller for a year before packing her bags and migrating to UK in year 2000.  


From a very young age Grace had her own dreams of having a successful career and therefore trained as a Psychiatric Nurse at University of West of England. After working in England as a Nurse for three years Grace moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2007. The year 2007 was a very important year as it was the same year that she got married. In 2013, she was blessed with her first daughter Mandipa and the year after they had another daughter Matida.


Grace is now working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. Over the last few years Grace also has been interested in wealth creation, book writing and publishing. Beside working as a healthcare professional, on her spare time, she enjoys travelling and reading books. Grace strongly believes that one can make it in life no matter where they find themselves geographically as long as they are willing to work hard.


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